jueves, 4 de agosto de 2016

4/Puzzles - Four in a Row for iPhone and iPad

Most of us played Four in a Line as kids, but… did we actually learn how to play?

From the developer of the only Four in a Row with puzzles for Android (1+ million downloads), comes 4/Puzzles to iOS plenty of new and exclusive four in a line puzzles to master the technique while having fun in our iPhone and iPad.

Each puzzle is a carefully designed ongoing match where you must make the most of your positional advantage, play perfect and connect 4 discs to win in a certain number of moves. Beginners and experts alike will find a challenge with different sets of puzzles and will learn the technique and common game patterns.

Of course, you may play the classic match against the machine, with different board sizes up to 7x9 or even use the device as a board to play with a near friend sharing the screen.

Featuring a fast, flat UI with no loading screens, you may choose a night mode easier on the eyes or even a colorblind theme.

A great solitaire game to pass time in the commute and discover the strategy within Four in a Line.

4/Puzzles is available now for iPhone and iPad. Get it on the App Store

4/Puzzles - Cuatro en Raya para iPhone y iPad

Muchos hemos jugado al cuatro en raya de pequeños, pero… ¿aprendimos a jugar?

Del creador del único Cuatro en Raya con puzzles para Android con más de 1 millón de descargas, llega 4/Puzzles a iOS repleto de más de 350 nuevos puzzles de cuatro en raya para estrujar las neuronas y dominar la técnica en nuestros iPhone y iPad.

Los puzzles son partidas iniciadas donde partes con ventaja y tu misión es hacer las jugadas perfectas para ganar dentro de un límite de movimientos. Seas principiante o experto la secuencia de puzzles ofrece una progresión natural en la adquisición de habilidades, técnicas y reconocimiento de patrones habituales del juego. Aprenderás a jugar de verdad sin darte cuenta.

Por supuesto, también podrás jugar la partida clásica contra la máquina, en distintos tamaños de tablero y dificultades, o usar el dispositivo como tablero para jugar contra otra persona que tengas al lado.

Todo ello bajo una interfaz minimalista y fluida, sin tiempos de carga y con distintos temas, incluyendo un modo nocturno y un tema especial para daltónicos.

Un solitario ideal para matar el tiempo con el que descubrirás la estrategia que se esconde en el cuatro en línea.

4/Puzzles ya está disponible para iPhone y iPad en la App Store

sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

Novedades online Cuatro en Raya

¡Cuánto tiempo! La semana que viene habrá muchas sorpresas en el online fruto de meses de trabajo reescribiendo todo el código de la app de Cuatro en Raya y del servidor.

Habrá mejoras en las mecánicas conforme a todos los comentarios y sugerencias que me habéis ido dando desde que introdujera la versión multijugador online: partidas a dos rondas sin rechazo de oponentes, ranking mensual, mejor emparejador, distintos tableros, etc. 

P.D: Todos los detalles están publicados en la nueva actualización, en la propia app os saldrá un aviso porque será obligatoria para todos los jugadores. ¡Gracias por seguir jugando y seguir manteniendo Cuatro en Raya HD en el top de juegos de mesa de Play Store! 

jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Four in a Row HD gets Premium

Four in a Row HD (free at Play Store) has redefined the state of the art when it comes to connect-four like games thanks to its hundreds of riddles, challenging AI and quick no sign-up needed online play with skill based matchmaking.

Having achieved over 1 million downloads, graphics have been improved and there's a new option for pro users who want even more: the Premium features.

Premium features are unlocked with just a one-time small payment and will currently:
 - Remove ads
 - Unlock 120+ new riddles (you may try 12 for free)
 - Play the funny POP-OUT variant in riddles and custom match

The Pop-Out variant is a thrilling new ruleset where you can either drop discs as always or remove (pop out) one of yours from the bottom row, if any, of course.

Removing a disc will make the whole column change as all the other discs will get one row lower, thus changing the board setup and opening new challenges.

Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Get it at Play Store: Four in a Row HD

sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2012

Light Up Christmas

Light Up Christmas is an engaging puzzle game where you have to light up the Christmas trees by setting the optical paths that guide the light of the emitter.

The game basis are simple: just tap the connectors to rotate them and change the light path. If you light up all the trees in a puzzle, you pass the puzzle, and if you pass it in the minimum possible moves, you'll get a perfect and a gold medal for that puzzle.

There are currently over 140 puzzles to solve, and there are more to come to enjoy this Christmas 2012 :)

As usual, get it for free -ad supported-, in the Play Store

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Redesigning Four in a Row HD

Four in a Row HD has been a success in the Play Store thanks to its features like hard AI, brain teasing puzzles and no-frills online multiplayer. 

Admitedly, its user interface was not on par with the current Android user interface standards. But not anymore, Four in a Row HD has been redesigned, simpler organization of options, better action bar, new view pager for fast and visual riddles navigation, cooler themes and more subtle interface enhancements. 

Just check out the before and after screenshots...

Enjoy the game, and thanks for your support!

Android app on Google Play

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Lines & Puzzles

Android app on Google Play

Just released! Try it out for free!

Rediscover connect-in-line games with the first and only app to include more than 200* unique puzzles, multitouch and cool themes.

Play standard Tic Tac Toe, non-gravitational Four in a Line or Freestyle Gomoku in cool boards up to 15x15 made of wood, chalk, sand and neon glow lights featuring multitouch scale and pan.

Tease your brain accepting the challenge and solve 200+ unique and carefully designed game riddles that will test your skills while progressively learning the common winning techniques and strategies. In riddles, you play an ongoing match against the artificial intelligence (AI) and have to win in less than the given amount of moves. You will soon discover the key of this game: playing the perfect moves leads to victory no matter the opponent. Try them out, they get more challenging and fun as you progress.

Plus all the stuff you would expect in a high quality release: nice artificial intelligence, statistics, unlimited undo, phones and tablets support (from low-resolution to Full HD devices), portrait and landscape orientation, app to SD, very small memory footprint and so on.

* PLEASE NOTE, this app features in-app purchase to enable Premium features. Free version is supported with non-intrusive ads and allows playing in all standard modes as well as almost a hundred riddles to get you more than started. Turn Premium with a one-time small fee to enjoy a no-ads experience and unlock the best current and incoming riddles.