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jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Four in a Row HD gets Premium

Four in a Row HD (free at Play Store) has redefined the state of the art when it comes to connect-four like games thanks to its hundreds of riddles, challenging AI and quick no sign-up needed online play with skill based matchmaking.

Having achieved over 1 million downloads, graphics have been improved and there's a new option for pro users who want even more: the Premium features.

Premium features are unlocked with just a one-time small payment and will currently:
 - Remove ads
 - Unlock 120+ new riddles (you may try 12 for free)
 - Play the funny POP-OUT variant in riddles and custom match

The Pop-Out variant is a thrilling new ruleset where you can either drop discs as always or remove (pop out) one of yours from the bottom row, if any, of course.

Removing a disc will make the whole column change as all the other discs will get one row lower, thus changing the board setup and opening new challenges.

Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Get it at Play Store: Four in a Row HD

lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

Online enhancement / Mejoras del online

The online multiplayer service in Four in a Row HD has been enhanced with the most anticipated features!
  • A game clock, to prevent or minimize quitters and "encourage" slow people to move faster
  • Skill level with one decimal, to better track the progress
  • World ranking! Own's position and the TOP 25 by skill level
By the way, unlike other generic scoreboard services which would just trust what the mobile application sends to the server ("I've won", "this is my new score", etc.), the custom four in a row server actually includes game specific logic and checks for every move to be valid. Skill level is of course calculated at the server side also, an there's no way to tamper that data from the client side.

El servicio multijugador online de Cuatro en Raya HD se ha mejorado con las características más solicitadas:
  • Un reloj de tiempo de juego, para evitar o disminuir el número de jugadores que cuando ven que van a perder se quedan sin tirar.
  • Nivel de habilidad con un decimal, para ver mejor el progreso
  • ¡Ranking mundial! Comprueba tu posición y el TOP 25 del mundo por nivel de habilidad
Por cierto, al contrario que otros juegos que incluyen servicios genéricos de gestión de puntuaciones, que básicamente confían en lo que les dice la aplicación móvil ("he ganado", "esta es mi puntuación"), el servidor de cuatro en raya está hecho a medida e incluye lógica específica del juego para comprobar todos y cada uno de los movimientos. El nivel de habilidad se calcula también en el servidor y no hay forma de modificarlo desde el lado cliente.

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Light Up Christmas

Light Up Christmas is an engaging puzzle game where you have to light up the Christmas trees by setting the optical paths that guide the light of the emitter.

The game basis are simple: just tap the connectors to rotate them and change the light path. If you light up all the trees in a puzzle, you pass the puzzle, and if you pass it in the minimum possible moves, you'll get a perfect and a gold medal for that puzzle.

There are currently over 140 puzzles to solve, and there are more to come to enjoy this Christmas 2012 :)

As usual, get it for free -ad supported-, in the Play Store

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Redesigning Four in a Row HD

Four in a Row HD has been a success in the Play Store thanks to its features like hard AI, brain teasing puzzles and no-frills online multiplayer. 

Admitedly, its user interface was not on par with the current Android user interface standards. But not anymore, Four in a Row HD has been redesigned, simpler organization of options, better action bar, new view pager for fast and visual riddles navigation, cooler themes and more subtle interface enhancements. 

Just check out the before and after screenshots...

Enjoy the game, and thanks for your support!

Android app on Google Play

viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

(Solved) Online features Issues

The issues have been solved

The online features of Four in a Row have intermitent connectivity issues due to NY Huricane Sandy (now a major storm) that has impact in power lines and communications of the data center that keeps the online server. The service provider is working hard to reestablish the service.

En español, existe un problema de conectividad intermitente mientras el Huracán Sandy avanza por la costa de USA. Aunque ha bajado de intensidad sigue afectando a las líneas eléctricas y de comunicaciones y en concreto al centro de datos donde está situado el servidor del online. El equipo técnico del centro de datos está trabajando para reestablecer la normalidad.

Mientras el online no esté disponible os invito a jugar al nuevo Lines & Puzzles

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Lines & Puzzles

Android app on Google Play

Just released! Try it out for free!

Rediscover connect-in-line games with the first and only app to include more than 200* unique puzzles, multitouch and cool themes.

Play standard Tic Tac Toe, non-gravitational Four in a Line or Freestyle Gomoku in cool boards up to 15x15 made of wood, chalk, sand and neon glow lights featuring multitouch scale and pan.

Tease your brain accepting the challenge and solve 200+ unique and carefully designed game riddles that will test your skills while progressively learning the common winning techniques and strategies. In riddles, you play an ongoing match against the artificial intelligence (AI) and have to win in less than the given amount of moves. You will soon discover the key of this game: playing the perfect moves leads to victory no matter the opponent. Try them out, they get more challenging and fun as you progress.

Plus all the stuff you would expect in a high quality release: nice artificial intelligence, statistics, unlimited undo, phones and tablets support (from low-resolution to Full HD devices), portrait and landscape orientation, app to SD, very small memory footprint and so on.

* PLEASE NOTE, this app features in-app purchase to enable Premium features. Free version is supported with non-intrusive ads and allows playing in all standard modes as well as almost a hundred riddles to get you more than started. Turn Premium with a one-time small fee to enjoy a no-ads experience and unlock the best current and incoming riddles.

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

Back with more features!

So long since the last update, but a brand new version of Four in a Row is available, featuring statistics, enhanced AI, and beta-test access to the incoming new online service (enable in options) that addresses most of the issues of the current online service.
More specifically, two long-awaited features have been added to the new online: 
  • Automatic reconnection and game session recovery. This way, no matter if your mobile device switches from WiFi to 3G, the connection is lost for a while or the even the game server is restarted for maintenance, players might not even notice. This feature comes with a presence indicator to know if the opponent is online, away (disconnected, attending a phone call or whatever) or has quit the game.
  • Skill based matchmaking. With an internal ELO ranking, the online quickmatch service provides games between players of similar skills.
  • Favorites management. Now you can mark up to 50 players as favorites -both ingame and manually-, and next time you are finding online matches filter by favorites. Additionally, statistics are kept for all your favorites, so you can track the number of victories or the last time you played with them.
The new version also features statistics for offline modes (standard, don't connect four and fill the board modes in both hard and normal levels) and, of course, its well known riddles. There are more riddles coming, stay tuned ;)

Get Four in a Row HD for free in the Play Store for your Android device