4/Puzzles - Four in a Row for iPhone and iPad

Please note that this iPhone/iPad app first launched in 2016 and since April 2023 is no longer available on the App Store. Android version is available as always and is still receiving updates both for the app and the online gaming server.

More info: It's no longer feasible to maintain the app, not just because of the time and the $100 annual fee just for it to be available but also because I'm not an Apple ecosystem user so I would need to buy recent iOS devices and even a new Mac just to be able to test some updates. 

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Most of us played Four in a Line as kids, but… did we actually learn how to play?

From the developer of the only Four in a Row with puzzles for Android (1+ million downloads), comes 4/Puzzles to iOS plenty of new and exclusive four in a line puzzles to master the technique while having fun in our iPhone and iPad.

Each puzzle is a carefully designed ongoing match where you must make the most of your positional advantage, play perfect and connect 4 discs to win in a certain number of moves. Beginners and experts alike will find a challenge with different sets of puzzles and will learn the technique and common game patterns.

Of course, you may play the classic match against the machine, with different board sizes up to 7x9 or even use the device as a board to play with a near friend sharing the screen.

Featuring a fast, flat UI with no loading screens, you may choose a night mode easier on the eyes or even a colorblind theme.

A great solitaire game to pass time in the commute and discover the strategy within Four in a Line.

4/Puzzles is available now for iPhone and iPad. Get it on the App Store