Four in a Row HD gets Premium

Four in a Row HD (free at Play Store) has redefined the state of the art when it comes to connect-four like games thanks to its hundreds of riddles, challenging AI and quick no sign-up needed online play with skill based matchmaking.

Having achieved over 1 million downloads, graphics have been improved and there's a new option for pro users who want even more: the Premium features.

Premium features are unlocked with just a one-time small payment and will currently:
 - Remove ads
 - Unlock 120+ new riddles (you may try 12 for free)
 - Play the funny POP-OUT variant in riddles and custom match

The Pop-Out variant is a thrilling new ruleset where you can either drop discs as always or remove (pop out) one of yours from the bottom row, if any, of course.

Removing a disc will make the whole column change as all the other discs will get one row lower, thus changing the board setup and opening new challenges.

Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Get it at Play Store: Four in a Row HD