Back with more features!

So long since the last update, but a brand new version of Four in a Row is available, featuring statistics, enhanced AI, and beta-test access to the incoming new online service (enable in options) that addresses most of the issues of the current online service.
More specifically, two long-awaited features have been added to the new online: 
  • Automatic reconnection and game session recovery. This way, no matter if your mobile device switches from WiFi to 3G, the connection is lost for a while or the even the game server is restarted for maintenance, players might not even notice. This feature comes with a presence indicator to know if the opponent is online, away (disconnected, attending a phone call or whatever) or has quit the game.
  • Skill based matchmaking. With an internal ELO ranking, the online quickmatch service provides games between players of similar skills.
  • Favorites management. Now you can mark up to 50 players as favorites -both ingame and manually-, and next time you are finding online matches filter by favorites. Additionally, statistics are kept for all your favorites, so you can track the number of victories or the last time you played with them.
The new version also features statistics for offline modes (standard, don't connect four and fill the board modes in both hard and normal levels) and, of course, its well known riddles. There are more riddles coming, stay tuned ;)

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