Four in a Row HD for Android and tablets

+10.000 downloads and 4.2 out of 5 stars rating in Android Market
Featured in XDA Portal, largest Android developers community 

Updated July 3rd to version 3.0, now with +200 game riddles and variations to tease your brain!

A new implementation of the well known Four in a Line (aka Four in a Row and branded as Connect 4 by Hasbro) is available for free in the Android Market. It features:
Customizable board size and material
  • Simple and lightweight touch interface, entirely made with vector graphics (for plastic skin) and high resolution textures (for wood and metal) that scale nicely to high definition and tablet screens. Drag and drop discs and animation of falling discs. 
  • Custom board size, play the classic 6x7 or explore new challenges with 7x7, 7x9 or 8x8 among others.
  • Play alone or with a friend, your mobile or tablet turns into a portable Four in a Line board to carry everywhere and play with anyone sharing the screen.
  • Strong artificial intelligence with selectable difficulty levels.
  • Small size in internal memory, though it's also compatible with the app to SD feature of Android 2.1 and later.
  • No-frills online service for quick matches. Enable in Options menu.
  • Skin support! Choose among plastic, metal or wood materials for the board and discs.
  • Much more, translated to English and Spanish depending on device's language, support for portrait and landscape modes, unlimited undo moves in local mode, etc.
The application is compatible with devices supporting at least Android 1.6. It's also ready for Honeycomb tablets since its vector graphics look best in high definition, without the scaling defects that appear on other implementations of this game that use bitmaps.